Texas Cooking Oil Collector

1st Choice Grease Service is a family owned and operated business. We have over three generations  of experience in the grease collection business. We will collect or pick up used grease (cooking oil) from any establishment throughout Texas and Louisiana. Health department documentation is provided to all our clients. All supplies needed for collecting grease are provided free of charge. We offer a variety of scheduled collection services to meet our customers' needs and to prevent grease/cooking oil spillage from the barrel or container.

We pay you top dollar on the spot when we collect your grease!

Cooking oil is one of the things we use in preparing various foods daily. In fact, oil is more often than not included in our daily consumption. The everyday use of oil and grease also brings us to the issue of proper disposal. Improper disposal of the fats from our cooking is bad for our surroundings, not to mention, illegal. This usually starts in the home. There are many instances when waste cooking oil is dumped in the sink. This grease passes through the pipes and, in the long run, causes the plumbing systems to clog. Texas is fortunate to have used oil collecting companies like 1st Choice Grease. Our service can help lessen the unwanted effects of improper used oil disposal. 1st Choice Grease is here to collect and recycle all your grease to be converted into a more useful resource.

Before your used cooking oil containers overflow, call 1st Choice Grease in Texas at 832.445.6582 or 281.592.0909 today! Recycle with us and earn top dollar as you keep our environment cleaner. So, do not throw your waste oil away. You can earn from it!

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