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Gallery of Professional Waste Oil Collection in Texas

Is there anything to be done with waste cooking oil that is rancid and should just be thrown away? But of course! An oil collection company in Texas can collect it from your location, and pay you for it. 1st Choice Grease, your waste oil collector, then brings it to companies that recycle grease, made more into a more useful form of fuel that is of course eco-friendly. There are a number of companies involved in this type of business but you need to make a good choice when selecting the company to collect your used cooking oil. With us, you are sure to have a reliable service, based on three generations in the industry, we are confident that we are the first choice that comes to mind.

Using the proper and complete equipment in our used cooking oil/grease collection, we have come to provide services that make clients satisfied with the results. Our technicians are properly trained to make each task flow smoothly. There are no messy jobs with us. We collect your waste cooking oil/grease and transport them to recycling companies that convert them into local bio fuels, reducing your waste stream and energy consumption bills. 1st Choice Grease offers quick and reliable service that you can count on any time! Check out our gallery of equipment and services that make us one of the renowned cooking oil/grease collection companies in Texas