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Your used cooking oil is still worth something. In fact, you can even benefit from it instead of disposing into your sewage which can cause grave environmental issues. Instead of throwing it away, have your cooking oil collected in Texas and be more protective of the environment. While doing so, you can even gain from it. With the help of 1st Choice Grease, your grease removal issues will no longer be a problem. You can rely on us anytime to collect your used cooking oil and get paid for it too!

You can always count on us to pick up your grease and used oil depending on the pick-up schedule you prefer. We accept big or small amounts of used cooking oil. With our varied equipment to aid us in our collection process, we make every collection a happy and easy process; this is even more possible with the help of our durable and leak-proof collection equipment that makes it a breeze to complete our tasks. We provide you with top-notch services in collecting your waste oil. So, help the planet by choosing 1st Choice Grease. We reclaim your used cooking oil and bring it to recycling companies to be renewed, allowing the eventual return of your cooking oil to the marketplace as a vital ingredient in lubricants, animal feed, and even clean-burning bio fuel. 1st Choice Grease - we collect cooking oil in Texas. Contact us now!

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