We pay you top dollar on the spot when we collect your grease!


Reliable Texas Grease/Cooking Oil Collection Service Company

Does your company pay you for your cooking oil they collect from you? Or is it just sitting there getting stolen because your company won’t pick it up and causes you problem instead of relief. No worries we will come and clean it for free.

Choose one of those oil collecting companies in Texas that will pay for it. Before you settle with a company, scout around and compare prices. They should also have the license to operate such business. Be sure to go with a company that is competitive and has the kind of reputation that speaks of trustworthiness, reliability, competence and professionalism.

1st choice grease service is a family operated and fully licensed grease collecting company. We have been in this business for over 30 years servicing the entire state of Texas.

1st choice grease will provide the containers needed, collect and transport waste from your location to a recycling facility.

Best of all we pay you top dollar for your grease!

Our services help business owners, local governments and private organizations participate in cleaning our world’s environment by collection of used cooking oil or any kitchen grease.

The collection of used cooking oil to be recycled by oil recycling companies into bio fuel is now one of the more important industries at present. There are companies in Texas that we count on to collect our waste grease/cooking oil and bring them to grease conversion companies, producing a resource that is eco-friendly. Because of the presence of such companies, those who have a lot of waste cooking oil for disposal such as restaurants can actually earn additional profits from their wastes. There are certain businesses involved in this endeavor and individuals can put into consideration pointers in choosing the best one that can work to their advantage.

By visiting this website, you have made an important first step to investing in a cleaner environment. Call 832.445.6582 or 281.592.0909 today!